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Premier IT Solutions is a leading provider of business-to-business e-commerce application implementation and integration services. Our employees are deployed in Fortune 500 companies. We work closely with companies like IBM, SAP, Konika Minolta, Amcor PET Packaging, Oracle, Nestle, Protein Design Labs, SUN to name a few, in development and implementation of complete solutions in the logistics and supply chain arenas-with a focus on e-purchasing systems for both commercial and public sector organizations. Critical to the success of e-commerce initiatives is to fully integrate them with other mission-critical applications including Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management.

Our Vision is to become permanent partners of our corporate clients. Our prime vision is customer satisfaction. To enhance and grow our client relationship, we emphasize on adaptation and strict adherence to client’s business practices. This ensures that we complete our implementation in sync with corporate policies and procedures. Attention to these small details and corporate policy compliance has made us a permanent partner of some of the best corporate entities in the Fortune 500 list.